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Digital storytelling, multimedia contents and audio guides

Digital storytelling

D’Uva Workshop helps museums, churches, exhibitions, archaeological sites to interpretate their stories by following a sequence of creative stages: analysis of needs, design of the tour, narration and production. The creative lab analyzes the materials related to the site and undertakes in-person visits to understand the context of the experience and to create content for tour narration and digital storytelling. During the visit they also contact people with local knowledge and make note of their information and suggestions.

Audio guide design

The audio guide design is developed to reflect the client’s objectives and the itinerary route followed by the public, including data relative to its flow, age and education. Once the tour and its direction has been established writing the commentary begins. The narration describes the exhibits, tells the story of the artists, gives chronological references and adds anecdotes. If the client provides the text, D’Uva Workshop collaborates to create an effective communication.

Mobile tour editing

The text for the mobile tour is subdivided into tracks that form independent pieces. Particular attention is given to the language choice which takes into consideration the target audience, the theme and the physical position of  the listeners. Poetry may be inserted to emotionally involve the listeners. An interview with the museum manager, art critic, or local person of cultural importance may be added to enrich the audio tour and the multimedia experience

Language translation

Since the narration is translated into different languages, the choice of vocabulary is carefully considered. The language translation is made by experienced translators who have worked with D’Uva Workshop for many years. They are native language professionals and art history graduates with experience in storytelling. Our translators don’t just write a literal translation of the tour but they are involved in a cultural adaptation of the text to different cultural references.

The experience

Because the tour guide is a traveling companion it must give the visitor an exact orientation and information or risk making him frustrated and dissatisfied. Therefore, when the work is completed, on-site visits are essential to ensure the suitability of the experience to the itinerary. Our creative staff uses this opportunity to experience the audio guide from the point of view of the visitor and enrich it in  order to create an immersive multimedia experience.

Audio Recording

The audio interpretation is entrusted to international actors with theatre backgrounds and experience in dubbing and simultaneous translation. The actors for the audio recording are chosen for the suitability of their voice and interpretative style needed for the specific sound walk and the place described. The Director may select well-known actors or dubbing artists with famous voices to attract public attention. Music and sound effects are added to make the tour emotionally involving.

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