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Education and entertainment through exhibition design

Museums, churches, industrial establishments and art cities increasingly appreciate the power of modern technology to help them combine education with entertainment. D’Uva Workshop helps clients enhance their identity through a blend of research, technology, storytelling and space design. Furthermore signage is a critical component of any exhibition or mobile tour. Signage not only provides valuable signals and orients visitors along the multiple listening posts but also complements the audio guides and video guides. D’Uva Workhsop believes that well-designed signage does not distract visitors from their experience of a site. It coordinates with the identity of the place, expresses its spirit and reflects the founding architecture. In the delivery of information particular attention is paid to innovative methods of technology and communiciation.



Exhibition design for education and entertainment

Composed of humanists, architects, graphic designers, artists, technicians, programmers, audio experts and video makers, the creative lab of D’Uva Workshop offers a full range of exhibition design services for education and entertainment, from concept and planning to the implementation and installation of structures and products as well as on-going maintenance. New dimensions of exhibition elements are explored and new itineraries created, thanks to our creative lab which implement our technologies too: audio guides, video guides, multimedia kiosks, mobile apps.


Multimedia and signage for tour experience

Over the years D’Uva Workshop has planned and designed signage for churches, museums, archeological sites, exhibitions, art cities and other cultural destinations. As well as traditional signage D’Uva Workshop also offer multimedia signposting that uses sound and light effects to underscore and enhance the tour experience.

In designing a mobile tour we also plan all that is related to the visit such as: sign posting, identification totems, descriptive panels, captions and audio guide numbers


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