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Graphic Design, brand Identity and merchandising for museums



Graphic Design, Brand Identity and Merchandising from our Creative Lab

D’Uva Workshop has a Creative Lab of highly qualitied architects, engineers, artists, graphic designers and professionals experienced in multimedia communication. These talented professionals offer our clients a range of design services to complement and enhance their image and to support the audio guides. Our company plans and designs coordinated communication and branding projects that use sound and sensory involvement that reinforce brand identity, a logo, advertisements or public image.

All facets of our projects from initial concept and design through manufacture and production receive attention to the small details. Some of our most popular design support services include:

  • The design and planning of interfaces, tour numbers and interactive maps used to guide the visitors on the tour. These support maps respond to the needs of the clients, such as churches and museums, who favour a non-invasive layout, and to the desires of the visitor who do not want to feel herded through the exhibition area.
  • We also provide merchandising articles that emphasize the exclusiveness of the site and elicit the emotions experienced
  • D’Uva Workshop produces postcards and small guides that feature an evocative phrase to capture the emotion of the moment
  • Our Creative Lab develops editorial material such as books, art catalogues, periodicals and magazines.
  • The The Creative Lab designs logos and associated products, from concept to the graphic layout of the products down to the development of labels and packaging.
  • Coordinated communication projects for Brand Identity.



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