Echo+ Audio Guide



A multimedia Cultural Experience


To accompany and enrich tours at museums, exhibitions, monuments, churches, cities and themes parks, D’Uva Workshop has developed the Echo+ audio guide which integrates storytelling with viewing moments and interactive functions through its 2.5 inch display. The Echo+ audio guide is familiar to visitors of all ages, cultures, and nationalities. It is used for the audio guided tours of Pompei, the Coliseum in Venice, the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, and the Galleries of Italy in Piazza Scala in Milan.

Designed by De Lucchi


The Echo+ audio guide was designed by Michele De Lucchi to be light, solid and easy to use. The interface features an alpha numeric keypad with keys 0-9, play, stop, on/off, fast forward/review, and cancel functions. In association with the Italian Union of the Blind, the keypad is translated into Braille for use by visually impaired visitors. The LCD graphic display shows the selection menu and the number of the listening points entered on the keypad. And then you just have to start your tour and enjoy the museum’s storytelling

A multi function Audio Guide


The Echo+ audio guide has a radio system which allows remote activation and synchronization with film clips. When the master/slave function is activated one audio guide starts the others even if they are programmed for different languages or itineraries. The Echo+ memorizes up to 180 hours of high definition audio content at 56 audio levels. Visitors use the internal or external headset or headphones to have a more immersive experience.


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An Elegant Loading Unit

The Echo+ audio guides can be stored for battery recharging in groups of twenty inside the Indie storage units. These modular columns are 40 cm high x 30 cm wide x 15 cm deep.

Technical features


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