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A video guide for discovering “The Force of Ruins” at Palazzo Altemps

A refined, fascinating exhibition will be opening in a few days at Palazzo Altemps in Rome: “The Force of Ruins”, an iconographical exploration of the natural expressive force of ruins and the poetic relationship between nature and archaeology.

For this exhibition, D’Uva Workshop, in collaboration with CoopCulture, has created an audio-guided intinerary which has been recorded directly with the voice-over of the curator of the exhibition himself, Professor Marcello Barbanera.

Through our video guides, the professor accompanies the visitor along the 9 sections of the exhibition, constructing a comprehensive picture of ruins which combines classical materials such as sculptures, paintings, engravings, watercolours and antique books with modern expressions such as photographs and music and cinema clips.  

The exhibition covers all the rooms of the Museo Nazionale Romano at Palazzo Altemps . This site is wrongly treated as a place of secondary importance to visit in Rome and is unknown even to most Romans, even though it possesses one of the finest and most important antique art collections.

This exhibition thus offers a unique opportunity to discover the beauties of Palazzo Altemps and at the same time the necessity, fascination and narrative force of ruins.

New areas will also be inaugurated on the occasion of the exhibition, and these will remain at the disposal of the Museum for amplifying its permanent exhibition.

Beginning with this exhibition, besides the classical audio guides, visitors will also be able to use our new video guides, modern 5-inch smartphones equipped with audio commentaries, images and interactive maps, which will accompany the visitor along the exhibition itinerary. The video guides will be available in Italian and English.




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