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Tours and educational activities in different languages


D’Uva Workshop organizes educational activities featuring specialized tours, workshops, art and theatre performances and readings. These activities are developed through an interdisciplinary collaboration among experts, teachers and professionals who are knowledgeable in the interpretation and integration of the various media in the cultural heritage and museums field.

Children have fun with our educationl activities

We want the kids have fun with art and we organize very simple educational games and tours to enjoy it. An example? Children choose an artwork with a ‘secret’ person in it. They then try to recreate the pose and the rest of the group have to guess which piece of art the pose was in. Or, looking at art to find people similar to the members of their group. Many other activities are available for our kids and families groups.

Encouraging students to engage with the museum


Our workshops for students are popular and appeal to their need for play. Education is accomplished through the recreational experience. Our school programmes aim to help students in gaining a deeper understanding of the museum, of the art and how to practice it. We encourage students to engage with art, ask questions and develop their own ideas. Our operators and qualified guides are trained in the museum contents and the most effective approaches in communication. Our activities include performances involving actors, dancers and other artists.

Tours in several languages


A guided tour is an excellent way to make the most of the visit to a museum, a church, a temporary exhibition, an archaeological site, an art city. D’Uva Workshop offers tours, workshops, lectures for groups in several languages for people of all ages, besides tactile tours, for visually-impaired and blind people.


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